Our initiatives

From concept to competitive edge

Victus innovation model consistently delivers world-class results for our shareholders and for their customers.

It’s an approach that involves us working in close collaboration with our shareholders. Together, we explore the possibilities that new technologies can bring.

We design carrier class secure, private mobile networks on behalf of our shareholders

Mobile Private Network (MPN) is a dedicated business network that is designed specifically to meet the Customer’s business-critical services and guarantee dedicated network resources that are secure and reliable. A wide variety of business sectors such as Ports, factories, Warehouses and airports can benefit from the secure and reliable connectivity of the MPNs that utilize the latest 4G & 5G network technology. This guarantees the superior performance of the MPNs with respect to the performance of other alternative business networks.

Victus has designed and integrated Vodafone’s first private 4G mobile network ever built for a customer in Europe (PCT/PPA). The implemented system was based on 4G technology (@ 800/1800/2600 MHz), developing base stations throughout the docks of PCT & PPA at Neo Ikonio port, offering a network capable of serving customer needs in communication, logistics, live streaming and control monitoring, with security and resilience.
Since then Victus continues the development of MPNs, integrating the latest 5G network technology to deliver private networks tailored to the technical specs/ requirements of each customer

New data transfer speeds for our Shareholders

VICTUS Networks on behalf of its shareholders tests new technologies that can be used by them to offer higher data rates as well as higher 4G / 4G + capacities to their subscribers.

In this framework, in July 2016, we achieved, for the first time in Greece, 1 Gbps download data rates for our shareholder.

The tests took place in a laboratory environment, utilizing the capabilities of LTE / LTE Advanced technology.

More specifically, the following were used:

  • Carrier Aggregation in five RF bands (i.e. at 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz)
  • 4×4 MIMO technology
  • 256 QAM modulation

With such new technologies the user experience of our shareholders’ customers can significantly improve, coming closer to the 5G era.

5G Era
Boundless Connectivity & Automation

We have successfully designed, tested and implemented sub-6 GHz 5G technology for our shareholders in various cities (e.g., Athens, Thessaloniki, Trikala, Kalamata)
100MHz bandwidth at 3,5GHz spectrum area, Massive MiMO and intelligent beamforming techniques were used in order to reach downlink throughputs greater than 1 Gbps and latency figures below 10msec via 5G TDD technology.

In 2020 we successfully designed, tested & implemented 5G FDD technology using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technique between NR and LTE for our shareholders.
5G is designed not only to provide much faster, better mobile broadband services compared to previous network generations, but also to expand into new areas of service and development, such as high-precision communications, real-time applications and IoT services.

IoT Managing billions of devices

Victus Networks innovates and is fully engaged on delivering cutting edge network technologies to its shareholders, in order their customers to enjoy ultimate network experience
In this sense, we have tested and implemented Internet of Things technology under LTE network (NB IoT)
NB IoT technology achieves high coverage range, low power consumption and high battery life of IoT devices while supporting a large number of parallel connections.
With such network capabilities, the activation of innumerable IoT services (e.g., smart home, smart city, autonomous farming etc.) can be possible