Our Labs

Radio laboratory

VICTUS Networks Radio Lab is essential to serve needs of Systems integration and new technologies evolution (Network Sharing and collocation architectures, spectrum reframing, special projects etc)

Technical evaluation

of new Radio Hardware (active/passive) Equipment based on ETSI and 3GPP standards and New Technologies Trials.

Comparison tests

following technical RFQs, Interoperability tests of Radio Systems.


of field issues and solution delivery (ie drive surveys, antenna system tests).

Integration and trials

of Software/Firmware Versions on Hardware.


Solutions’ Demonstration, Training and Guidelines extraction.

Laboratory of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and Noise Measurements in the Environment

VICTUS Networks Accredited RF & Noise Lab contributes to the compliance of VF & WH Radio access networks according to international technical standards and Greek’s legislation requirements (ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 standard and the ESYD Criteria), by carrying out periodical & Ad-hoc measurements for Health & Safety reasons as well as for Licensing issues.

Furthermore, the Accreditation itself puts VICTUS in the forefront of the Greek-European academic status on EMF & Noise Safety, confirming the Company’s leading role among the “hi-tech – Networks” business.