Code of conduct

Victus Networks

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out our business principles and how every single person at Victus Networks needs to apply these.
The code also underlines our responsibilities and our expectations from our people, partners and suppliers.

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Victus Networks is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, its Code of Conduct and Policies, and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, transparency and accountability in its business operations.

To this end, Victus has developed a Whistleblowing Policy based on Law 4990/2022, providing guidelines to its employees and associates for making a disclosure of information related to malpractice within the working environment or in a work-related context.

This Whistleblowing Policy is addressed to Victus employees (regardless of whether their employment is full or part-time, permanent or seasonal, current or terminated), contractors, trainees, volunteers, any persons working under the supervision of Victus contractors and subcontractors, persons belonging to the administrative body of Victus, persons who have applied for work as well as for persons who are in the process of negotiating an employment contract.

The above persons shall report any violation that they are aware of relating to the areas of public contracts, financial services, products and markets, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, product safety and compliance, transport safety, environmental protection, radiation protection and nuclear safety, food and feed safety and animal health and welfare, public health, consumer protection, the protection of privacy and personal data, as well as the security of network and information systems, violations that affect the financial interests of the Union of article 325 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and those specifically defined in the relevant Union measures, violations related to the internal market, as referred to in paragraph 2 of article 26 of the TFEU including violations of the Union’s rules on competition and state aid, as well as violations related to the internal market regarding acts that violate the rules on taxation of companies or arrangements, the purpose of which is to secure a tax advantage which defeats the object or purpose of the applicable corporate tax legislation.

A report can be submitted by:

a) telephone by calling +30 2160006060; or

b) e-mail to the address; or

c) official letter addressed to Victus Networks (18 km of Marathonos Avenue and Pylou str., Pallini, 15351)

d) anonymous contact form below:

Victus is committed to protect anyone who submits such report.